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Model 520 Low Frequency Sounder
& Mini Horn

The industry’s first Wireless Low Frequency Solution, the Model 520 is completely battery operated and fully supervised. Temporal 3 & Temporal 4 Notifications for smoke detector applications. The 520 provides extensive battery life and is the economical solution for applications requiring Low Frequency compliance such as:

• Hotels and Motels
• Colleges and Universities
• Condominiums and Apartments
• Military Barracks

A built in sounder test allows for accurate decibel level verification prior to installation. Synchronization can be achieved through interconnecting multiple units.




Listings & Approvals

System UL 864 Accessory Device
 520 Low Frequency Sounder CSFM Listing
 Mini Horn CSFM Listing
520/MiniHorn FDNY Approval


520 Low Frequency Sounder Cutsheet 
Mini Horn Cutsheet

10 Reasons Why You Need the CWSI 520Hz
520 Low Frequency Sounder Press Release

520Hz FAQ

• Complies with NFPA 2010 - 2013 - 2016 Editions
• UL 464 Listed and CSFM Listed, NYFD Approval to Follow
• Temporal 3 & Temporal 4 Notification with Aujustable Level
• Fully Supervised
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Protocol


Model 520 – Available in Red or White l Red: 520R l White: 520W
Battery Type: RF Battery 3.6 Vdc at 19Ah and Alarm Batteries (2) 3.6 Vdc at 13Ah
Battery Life: 12 Months Minimum
Battery Replacement: Upon Low Battery Report
Tamper Tilt Switch
Sounder: Minimum75db at 10 Feet
Testing: Follow the 520 CWSI Manual and NFPA 72 or Local Requirements
Transmission: Complies with FCC Part 15
Test Transmission: 200 Second Supervisory Polling
Compatibility: With CWSI Control Panel, refer to Product Manual

Height 8.25" // Width 5.5" // Depth 2.5" // Weight 1.9lbs

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