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CP-3600 (+)
Fire Alarm Control Panel

The CP-3600(+) is an intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel suitable for any type occupancy regardless of size. The versatility, network integration, and scalability make this panel ideal for virtually any application.

The CP-3600(+) will support up to 1024/2048 addressable devices and repeaters while providing true network operation and communication. Network operation includes wireless command signals to repeaters and wireless relays for activation of control functions such as appliance circuits, elevator recall, HVAC control and more. The CP3600(+) allows for the reporting of up to four separate alarm types and provides for event memory recall of alarm, supervisory and all control functions. Alarm and trouble signals are also wirelessly transmitted to remote annunciators.

The CP-3600(+) incorporates dual transceiver technology and utilizes Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) signaling as well as reception protocols to assure the most secure and reliable fire alarm network available. The CP-3600(+) meets all National Code Requirements and is UL Listed for Protected Premises, Remote Station, Central Station, Proprietary, Auxiliary Service, Manual, Waterflow and Sprinkler Supervisory.




Listings & Approvals
Control Unit UL 864 10th Edition Listed
Accessories UL 864 10th Edition Listed
CSFM Appoval
NYFD Approval
CP-3600 Cutsheet
CP-3600 Comparison Sheet
CP-3600 FAQs

• UL 864 10th Edition Listed
• 3600 offers 1024 / 3600+ offers 2048 device capability
• 4 Alarm Priority Types
• Bi-Directional RF Communication
• 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Format
• CRC Data Validation
• Supervisory Self-Restore
• Trouble Self-Restore
• 2-Device Alarm Zones
• Tandem Smoke Detector Control
• 24 or 60 Hour Battery Standby Time
• Field Selectable NAC Output (2-Class B or 1-Class A)
• 4 N.O. Alarm Dry Contact Outputs
• 2 Form C Programmable Dry Contact Alarm Outputs
  Programmable by zones rather than alarm types
• Form C Trouble Output
• Auxiliary Municipal City Box Output
• Time and Date with Daylight Savings Self Adjustment
• Device Enrollment Feature
• Test Mode Automatically Times out in 4 Hours
• Password and Key Lock Protected
• Non-volatile Memory

• History of events for:
  - 2000 Alarm/Supervisory Signals
  - 2000 Trouble Signals
  - 2000 Test Log Signals
  - 4000 All Event Log Report
• Point Specific Fire Alarm Reporting
• Pinpoint Off-Site Annunciation
• SIA Format Event Reporting
• Supervised Dialer Interface
• Compatible with Keltron SDACT 2 Communicator
• Listings:
  Protected Premises, Remote Station , Proprietary, Central Station,
  Auxiliary Service, Automatic, Smoke Detector Monitor, Manual,
  Waterflow Sprinkler Supervisory
• 1500 software zones / 5 per device


•  Power Source: 120/240 VAC 50/60Hz 1 Amp dedicated
•  Battery Type: Two 12Vdc 4Ah Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
                  Connected in Series for up to 24 Hours Standby
                  Operation or two 12Vdc 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
                  Connected in Series for 60 Hours Standby Operation
  Special Application NACs:
                  Programmable Non Power Limited. 1 Class “A” (Style Z)
                  or 2 Class “B” (Style Y) Field Selectable
                  Class A Ratings: 24 Volts DC @ 1 Amp
                  Class B Ratings: 24 Volts DC @ 1 Amp Each
•  Regulated NACs:
                  Programmable Non-power Limited. 1 Class “A” (Style Z)
                  or 2 Class “B” (Style Y) Field Selectable
                  Class A Ratings: 24 Volts DC @ 100 Milliamps
                  Class B Ratings: 24 Volts DC @ 100 Milliamps
•  Dry Contact Alarm Relays:
                  4 N.O. Common type Rated 24 Vdc @ 1 Amp. Resistive
                  2 Form “C” Programmable Rated 24 Vdc @ 1 Amp. Resistive
•  Dry Contact Trouble Relays:
                  1 Form C Common type  Rated 24 Vdc @ 1 Amp. Resistive
•  Auxiliary Output: Current 350 ma. Max Coil Resistance 14.6 Ohms
•  Transceiver Operating Frequency: 900 MHz Band
•  Antenna Type: Omni
•  Enclosure: Powder Coated 16 Gauge Steel
•  Testing: Follow the CP3600 CWSI Manual and NFPA 72 or Local
•  Transmission: Complies to FCC Part 15

Height 17” | Width 17” | Depth 3.25” | Weight 29 lbs.


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